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Organic and Natural: Sherwood Skin Care

by Ariana Arjona |

Hello gorgeous! We are very glad to see you here. As our first entry ever, we want to talk about our story and vision.

We are a woman-run organic skincare business that produces locally in California and sources the best ingredients ethically from the rainforest. Our products are affordable and contain essential ingredients proven to heal and improve your skin. As a business run by two women, we aspire to empower women of all walks of life to feel the best they can about their own skin.

Sherwood Skin Care was borne by the desire to make you believe in your right to healthy skin and wear it with confidence. We know how hard it can be not feeling good in your own skin —we are two women who have struggled with common skin conditions, including Eczema and Psoriasis.

Like many women, we have experienced the struggle of being scared or even ashamed of showing our skin. But why does it have to be like that? Our skin is the largest organ and we all should be proud of it.

When we discovered Pracaxi Oil and natural remedies for dry, itchy skin, that was a huge change in our lives! That’s why our mission now is to change yours. We want to share our secret with the world and help you to embrace yourself and feel confident and happy in your own skin.

Fun fact: Did you know there is no medical diagnosis such as “sensitive skin”? That means we are all vulnerable to certain changes in our skin that sometimes can make it more susceptible in some environments, just like our immune system.

Our products fit every type of skin but they work as a huge relief when your skin needs a little boost to achieve its optimal health.

Your skin health doesn’t only depend on the skin conditions you may have. Remember, our skin is the part of our body with the most exposure. Our skin is constantly under attack from harsh UV rays, unforgiving winter winds, high temperatures and pollution.

But the real enemy here is the lack of time. We know we live in a world that moves too fast but we want to show you that you can have a fast, easy, and effective skin care routine with simple products but with potent ingredients.

Let us help you in this #SkinFight journey for the best version of you.