Sweating is a natural process that your body uses to regulate its internal temperature. It occurs when the ambient temperature gets too hot, during exercise, or if you’re anxious and nervous. When you perspire, your sudoriferous glands produce a liquid on your skin. As the liquid evaporates, your body temperature goes down. Otherwise, you could become overheated and even sick. So, sweating is healthy, but it can cause some unpleasant side effects such as stains and body odor.

Why does sweat make you smell bad? Contrary to popular belief, perspiration has no scent at all. The unsavory aroma is caused by the bacteria that live in your underarm area. Bacteria coat the skin’s entire surface and most are harmless. The ones that hang out in your armpit, however, feed on the chemicals produced there and transform them into sulfurous molecules. And as you know, sulfur stinks.

To manage body odor, you need to work on the source. Antibacterial soaps can kill those microorganisms, but the best way to stop the smell is to stop the sweat. That’s where a deodorant like Suave comes in.

A Review of Suave Deodorant Products

Suave is an old American company that started with hair products. Nowadays, they’re known as a cheap but reliable drugstore brand for total personal care. Among their products is a line of antiperspirant deodorants. All of them work by controlling sweat, hence the adjective “antiperspirant”. At the same time, they eliminate bad odors by substituting it with a nice fragrance.

Here’s a rundown of the products they offer:

  Product Size Scent Also Try Price  
Suave Clinical Protection PROsolid 1.7 oz (48 g) stick Coconut Kiss Suave Sweet Pea & Violet Clinical PROsolid $6.02 Buy on Amazon
Suave-Invisible-Solid-Antiperspirant-Deodorant Suave Invisible Solid 2.6 oz (74 g) stick Everlasting Sunshine Suave Invisible Solid Wild Cherry Blossom $6.99 Buy on Amazon
Suave Roll On Antiperspirant Deodorant 2.7 fl oz (80 mL) roll on Powder Suave Powder Invisible Solid $5.47 Buy on Amazon
Suave Antiperspirant Aerosol 6 oz (170 g) spray can Fresh Suave Powder Aerosol Antiperspirant $3.43 Buy on Amazon

1. Suave Clinical Protection PROsolid

If you suffer from extreme sweating, then you might have hyperhidrosis. The International Hyperhidrosis Society affirms that this condition is more prevalent, severe, and socially debilitating than previously thought. The most effective way to stop it is through botox injections, but they’re inconvenient, pricey, and not a permanent fix. An alternative method recommended by dermatologists, and a much more convenient one, is to use a clinical-strength antiperspirant.

Suave Clinical Protection ProSolid is an effective first defense for people who sweat excessively. With a higher concentration of active ingredients than the regular products, you can be sure that you’ll get the best protection against sweat and odor. To get the maximum benefit, apply it at night before going to bed. That allows the aluminum salts in the product to develop anti-sweat plugs on your skin overnight, when you’re relaxed and not perspiring. In the morning, just wipe it off and you’re all set.

2. Suave Invisible Solid

The most popular type of deodorant for any brand is the balm in stick form. However, some of these products can leave white streaks on your clothing. These chalky marks are notoriously hard to remove and can ruin your favorite black shirt. Suave feels your pain and has come up with the Invisible Solid Deodorant to stop the stain.

This product offers long-lasting protection that’s non-irritating even with everyday use. It has a smooth formula that glides softly on the skin and doesn’t leave any residue. Available in eight uplifting scents, our favorite is Everlasting Sunshine which is a delicious blend of passionflower and vanilla. As one online reviewer wrote, “This stuff smells like freaking tropical heaven. I would use this scent as a candle, body spray, air freshener, anything.”

3. Suave Roll On Antiperspirant Deodorant

Deodorants can be traced back to ancient cultures and used to be available only as a cream that’s applied by hand. In the 1950s, a nameless brilliant person thought of using ballpoint pen technology on deodorant products to replace hand-dabbing. Thus, the roll on was born. This non-messy application method is definitely old school, but it still has legions of fans.

Suave Powder Roll On is compact and discreet. Just chuck a tiny bottle into your bag and freshen up anytime you want. It’s extra moisturizing which makes it a boon for people who worry about skin dryness. The baby powder scent is delicate and classic, making it the first and only choice for generations of women who like their deodorants to be unobtrusive yet effective.

4. Suave Antiperspirant Aerosol

Some decades ago, scientists found out that the chemicals being used to propel products out of spray cans were depleting the ozone layer. These CFCs or chlorofuorcarbons were causing increased UV radiation on the earth’s surface, harming human health. As a result, aerosol products were banned worldwide. Later, a substitute chemical, HFC (hyrdofluorocarbon), was developed and aerosols came back on the market. This newer propellant is the one contained in Suave Antiperspirant Aerosol.

This spray deodorant uses a fine mist that dries immediately on the skin. It’s ideal for people who want to minimize the time spent getting dressed as much as possible. With a subtle scent and non-irritating formula, it delivers all the benefits of the Suave stick deodorants but in a quick and easy way.

One last thing about HFC: Although it was designed to protect the ozone layer, it still depletes it by a small amount. It’s also a greenhouse gas, which means that it can contribute to global warming.

Stop the Sweat and Stink with Suave

Whether you exercise every day, have a high-pressure job, or just can’t stop sweating for whatever reason, you always want to stay fresh and smell good. That’s exactly why you need a product like Suave deodorant. They’re available in stick, roll on, or spray form so that you can choose which is more convenient for you. All of them contain gentle yet effective ingredients, with a variety of fragrance options. Best of all, they’re cheap.