A healthy skincare regimen requires regular exfoliation. Exfoliating sweeps away dead skin cells and dirt that can clog your pores. It brings new skin to the surface, giving you a beautiful glow. However, some products contain ingredients that are just too harsh. They can irritate skin and even cause micro-tears. What you need is a product that gently breaks down impurities without harming the skin’s protective barrier. When discussing the best non-irritating exfoliating experience, skincare enthusiasts can’t stop talking about Tatcha Foaming Enzyme Powders.

Also known as Tatcha The Rice Polish, these celebrity-endorsed powders use finely ground rice and papaya enzymes—two ancient ingredients that boost cell turnover and moisturize your skin. Founder Victoria Tsai worked with scientists in Japan and the U.S. to create these exfoliators that will instantly give you baby-soft skin. Gentle enough to use twice a day, they’ll restore your natural radiance in no time.

Tatcha The Rice Polish Exfoliators for Every Skin Type

There are four variants of The Rice Polish, but the foundation is always the same. Each one contains Tatcha’s signature Hadasei-3 Complex made of rice, green tea, and algae. These three components all have anti-aging properties. They fight signs of premature aging like fine lines and wrinkles. They’re rich in antioxidants, too, to protect your skin against further damage.

Moreover, Tatcha’s formulations are pH neutral. Their amino acid-based cleansers are gentle and won’t upset the skin’s balance. This is especially important because these exfoliators aren’t meant to rinsed off straightaway. You can’t really call them a leave-on product, but they do need a little time to work. A neutral pH ensures that there won’t be any irritation, even if the product is on your skin for only a few seconds.

1. Tatcha The Rice Polish: Classic

The Classic version comes in a pearly white jar and is suitable for normal to dry skin. It features silk protein to increase skin elasticity and speed up metabolism. It also tightens the skin, leaving it smooth and wrinkle-free.

2. Tatcha The Rice Polish: Deep

For normal to oily skin, use Tatcha Deep in the pale blue-green container. It contains Japanese Wild Rose to minimize the appearance of pores. Furthermore, it’s packed with vitamins A, C, and E—potent antioxidants that will support your skin’s natural barrier.

3. Tatcha The Rice Polish: Gentle

The Gentle variant in the purple jar is made for managing dry skin. Featuring licorice root extract, it helps to brighten the skin by inhibiting the production of melanin. It also offers anti-inflammatory and UV-fighting benefits.

4. Tatcha The Rice Polish: Calming

If you have sensitive skin, don’t despair. Tatcha made the Calming rice exfoliator for you. The Japanese Indigo contained in this blue jar has been used to soothe itchy, irritated skin for centuries. It also shows promise as a treatment for psoriasis.

How to Use Tatcha

Tatcha exfoliators are different from other exfoliating products because they come in dry form. First, pour out half a teaspoon of the fine powder into your palm. Upon contact with water, it will become a cloud-like foam. Then you pat it on your face, avoiding the eye area. There is no need to scrub. Just gently massage your skin for 15 seconds and let the rice enzymes do the work.

The Benefits of Rice for Your Skin

Rice is a food staple in many parts of the world, especially Asia. What isn’t common knowledge outside Asia, however, is that rice has also been used as a skin treatment for centuries. Since the 1500s, rice water and powdered rice has been a remedy for acne, ulcerations, and other skin ailments.

The chemical structure of rice is similar to the ceramides in human skin, making it compatible with all skin types. It boosts collagen production and it’s rich in minerals. Although more scientific studies have to be conducted to verify some claims, it’s undeniable that generations of women believe in rice as a cheap, accessible, and effective skincare ingredient. Here a few reasons why they do:

1. It can lighten dark spots

There are many different causes of hyperpigmentation. The usual culprit is sun damage, but hormonal changes and medicines can also produce dark spots on the skin. Inflammation such as acne breakouts and the healing of wounds could also leave behind blotches. The amino acids and vitamins in rice can help lighten these.

2. Rice has anti-aging properties

Portuguese researchers found that rice has a high antioxidant content, particularly in the form of bran or as a whole grain. These antioxidants promote skin health by protecting the cells from damage caused by free radicals in the environment. They help delay or even reverse signs of aging like wrinkles and loss of skin elasticity. 

3. It can treat skin dryness

If your facial wash or soap makes your skin feel tight and dry, spritzing or rinsing with rice water could help. Many cleansers contain sulfates—chemicals that produce the foam that we associate with cleaning power. These substances can strip away the skin’s natural moisture barrier, resulting in irritation and dryness. Anecdotal evidence shows that using rice water twice a day can improve skin that’s been dried out by sulfates.

4. Rice can protect you from sun damage

The sun’s rays are composed of UVA and UVB radiation that are harmful to the skin. A study published by the International Journal of Cosmetic Science states that rice is an effective sunscreen when combined with other plant extracts. Rice has polyphenols that minimize sunburn. These micronutrients, when applied on the skin, prevent UV penetration. They absorb and reflect the entire UVB spectrum and some UVA which makes rice an ideal ingredient in broad-spectrum sunblocks.

5. It calms acne breakouts

The NHS explains that acne occurs when the sebaceous glands in the skin produce too much sebum. This waxy substance could mix with dead skin cells or dirt to form plugs that block the skin’s pores. The blockage could manifest as whiteheads or blackheads. If they become infected with bacteria, they could develop into pimples or cysts.

Rice water contains inositol hexaphosphate, a powerful phytic acid that has many health benefits. Dabbing an active acne spot with rice water or covering it with a rice paste can greatly reduce inflammation. Within seven days, redness will disappear and skin tone will be more even. It can also help balance sebum production and make your face less shiny.

Reveal Soft, Velvety Skin with Tatcha

For gentle daily exfoliation, you can’t go wrong with Tatcha Foaming Enzyme Powder. Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex, owes her flawless glow to it. Using the cleansing and brightening power of rice enzymes, it will gently buff away any impurities that can dull your skin. You’ll look and feel refreshed every day.